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Livit International

We have more than ten years of experience supporting entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers and companies, who want to upgrade the way they work and build digital, streamlined, impactful enterprises, that enable them to grow sustainably and live more satisfying lives.

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    Our physical hub and coworking space is located in the beautiful island of Bali, 250 m. from the beach!

    We’ve impacted over 1.5M customers through a wide array of products and services.

    Our Project Getaway is a coworkation experience where entrepreneurs get to live together in Bali and launch successful ventures.

    We are pioneers in remote work culture! Our first program launched in 2010, when this movement hadn’t even developed in the rest of the world.

    According to Officevibe, some of the teams we’ve built are among the top 2% happiest and most engaged across 90 countries!

    We strive to spread and support Balinese culture and to promote expat-local integration through a variety of initiatives.

    Our portfolio companies have raised over $50M in capital. Some of them are valued at $100M and have expanded to 100+ team members.

    We are experts at sustainable growth; converting startups into scale-ups through HR strategies, remote-team setups, and educational programs.

    We’ve built fully remote companies spanning 5 continents.

    Our business setup services in Indonesia provide a unique opportunity to relocate to paradise!

  • Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
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