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Nexity Global

As NEXITY (https://nexity.io/) we provide high-end cloud-based solution for full electric vehicle ecosystem. We deliver a platform that gives users free access to any electric vehicle charging point.

    📄 About us

  • Electromobility
  • 30-50
  • On one hand, we provide tools that allow users of electric vehicles to charge anywhere without any restrictions and or barriers. On the other hand, we offer a complete, universal, and flexible solution in the SaaS model, enabling the perfect link between the user, the owner of a single station, and a professional network of electric car charging stations.  

    Thanks to our continuous R&D development, we can use electric vehicles not only as a mode of transport but also as balancing elements in the energy system. We are dynamically growing and we want to invite engineers to build fantastic things with us! 

  • Kraków, Polska
  • No