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Job offer detailsJob offer details

Job localization

Kraków, Poland

Job date

1 month ago


We are looking for a Junior React JS Engineer to join our team. We work on Parkalot and Deski respectively a car park and desk reservation system for corporate clients (http://parkalot.io/, https://deskbooking.app/).

What to expect from daily work?

  • Working on a modern React application written in Typescript
  • Working with Google Firebase server-less backend written in Typescript
  • Working on an application that isn't yet another CRUD app. We need you to solve some fairly complex problems.

What do we expect from candidates

  • some JavaScript/ Typescript knowledge
  • basic knowledge of React principles
  • knowledge of written and spoken English
  • we hope you know what GIT is :)

What do we offer:

  • a lot of opportunities to learn
  • possibility to work remotely
  • possibility to work part time
  • flexible working hours

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